The  visionary  concepts  designed  by architects and engineers require to manage and create  building  and  resort environments with exceptionally challenging features  in  building  services  such  as HVAC,  power,  lighting,  shading, and security. Integration of such systems to perform without compromising on featured, architectural requirements to manage and save energy to a maximum is a challenging job in today’s construction industry. We, at Flux Technologies, take such challenges and have  provided  out  of  the  box, affordable solutions to our clients with reliability, less life-cycle costs with our wide  knowledge  base  on years  of experience  in  the  system  integration market  for building  management technologies.



Energy  accounting  is  managed  either poorly or is non-existent in most of the poor and developing economies. For short term  benefits,  many  companies  are leaving behind major long-term financial gains with demand side management of energy consumption. Especially, a country like  the  Maldives,  where  the  whole economy  is  extremely  vulnerable  to external  oil  shocks  and  price uncertainties, we  are able  to  provide solutions  to  our  clients  with  result oriented, long-term  financial benefits






Kashiveli Tower

Maldives Islamic Bank Tower

Hotel Seashore


Club Robinson

Vakkaru Island


Amari Havodda

ClubMed Gasfinolhu

Radisson Hotel

Kudahithi Development Project

Cheval Blanc Luis Vuitton, Randheli

Velaa Island Resort

Paradise Island Resort

Constance @ Moofushi

Male' International Airport

Paradise Island Resort

Aljumeira Maldives, Dhevanafushi

Theemuga, The Presidential Palace, Maldives


New Airline Offices at Male', International Airport

Reefside Office Tower

Coral Ville Residencies


H. Sifaa Tower

Moonlit Villa Tower

AV, Lighting Control, MVAC, Access Security


MVAC, Lighting Control, Access Control, Fire Alarm, IPTV

MVAC Systems, Lightening Protection

AC Systems

MVAC System, BACNet Integrations

MVAC Systems

MVAC SYstems

Lighting Control, BMS

ICT Network, IPTV, CCTV, Doorlocks, BMS, PA

Building Management System, VoIP, AC, Mood Lighting

MVAC + Fuel Systems

MVAC, Lighting Control Fushivelaavaru

MVAC, Lighting Control

MVAC Systems

MVAC at the Departure Terminal

MVAC Systems at Water Suites

MVAC, Lighting Control, BMS

MVAC Systems


MVAC Works

MVAC Works

Coral Ville Residencies at Hulhumale, Electrical, Lightening Protection, Access Control

MVAC Works

MVAC Works

Ibrahim Wafir

RCC Construction


Bison Maldives

Sunken Overseas

Efzy Holdings

Shinefree Holdings

Sunken Overseas

Champaa Resorts


Sunland Hotels & Resorts

Berthold & Kotthoff Associates

Berthold & Kotthoff Associates

Villa Hotels

Sterling & Wisdon Ltd. India

Maldives Airports Comnany Limited

Paradise Island Resort

EON Resorts

Government of Maldives


Sanken Overseas, Sri Lanka


Pruksa International, Thailand


Sanken OVerseas, Sri Lanka

Sunland Hotels

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About Us

Founded in 2002, Flux Technologies is an established engineering solutions provider and systems integrator in the global market.  Our client base includes hotels, power companies, hospitals, townships, homes, schools. We take our pride in being different. We fuse ourselves into global requirements with local and international knowledge to deliver engineering solutions for clients irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

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M&E Engineers and Contractors, System Integrators, Facility Management Systems


Comfort Living


At Flux Technologies we offer intelligent building management solutions creating home and  office  environments  those  add convenience, energy efficiency, economy and safety to your work and living. Parameters from weather, outdoor ambience, and indoor presence  data  are  utilized  to  perform integrated building functions those optimize usage  of  energy.  In  addition,  security features with highly scalable products with the  capability  to  transmit  data  on distributed  networks, transferring  your home into your fingertips irrespective of your physical location.

Lighting and Shading Solutions


Ever increase in energy costs per unit of production and services require to employ energy saving and conservation  mechanisms  in  demand  side  of  your entities. Talk to us. We are the right people.

audio and video distribution

State of the art audio and video distribution with the world’s  leading  hardware  manufacturers.  Flux Technologies offer system  integration to Building Managements  Systems  catering  for  customized Interior Designer Requirements

system integration


We  bring  in  user-friendly  consoles  with easily scalable hardware and software on both  open  and  closed  protocols.  Our strength lies on not depending on a single manufacturer  of  components.  Our  design engineers  are  able  to  develop  reliable systems  with  uniformity  in  the  building environment with designer interfaces from the world’s leading manufacturers with long period of reputation for building systems with  highly  scalable  and  reliable technologies.



Flux provides state of the art power plants and switchgears to resort and island environment from low voltage to medium voltage requirements equipped with sound attenuation and power plant ventilation mechanisms.



As an authorized dealer of world class, energy efficient, reliable Daikin Airconditioning Systems, we have provided airconditioning and ventilation systems to both hotel and domestic sector with highly trained professionals. Our services in this area have been provided  to some  very prestigious  and  exclusive hotels and buildings in the Maldives.

Flux Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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